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2015/1/12晚的X座業主大會。 議程如下:


通告於2015/1/02發出, 張貼於X座地下大堂及兩部升降機內。 X座主席早於2014年12月中已千叮萬囑HY客戶服務主任K先生, 一定要將上述通告泒送至X座各業戶信箱, 俾眾所皆知2015/1/12晚的業主大會。

至2015/1/05黃昏, X座主席仍未於信箱收到該通告, 遑論授權書, 遂致電HY客戶服務主任K先生詢問。 K先生方如夢初醒, 答允於翌日將通告及授權書泒入各業戶信箱。 此客戶服務主任K先生近期的連串失誤, 令X座主席一再失望。

基於K先生的表現與專業有距離, X座主席於2015/1/06黃昏與座頭管理員確認, 上述通告及授權書均已泒進所有業戶信箱中, 始算放下心來。

2015/1/12, 晚上8時30分, 北停車場會議室內, 除HY兩工作人員外, 只有X座主席一人。 5分鐘後, 該座副主席L先生抵達; 不久, 業戶S伉儷抵達。 X座主席表示如15分鐘內, 仍達不到法定人數要求便宣告流會; HY鄭小姐表示業主大會的容忍度較大, 請求給予半小時等候時間。 X座主席允其所請。 HY的工程師, 及該座另一副主席W先生於8時40分後陸續抵達。

K先生不敢怠慢, 立即趕往X座以對講機提醒其他業戶, 邀請他們參予該晚的X座業主大會。 K先生於8時50分返回會議室, 表示X座多數業戶皆表示忙碌, 或晚飯中, 不會參加該晚的會議。

點算下, 連同授權書1張, 剛好達到法定人數的要求, 會議遂於8時55分開始。

議程一、由HY鄭小姐匯報第X座財務狀況; 2014年的管理費, 整年都入不敷支;若要收支平衡, 調整管理費勢不可免, 至於管理費調整幅度, 她表列了一系列收支明細, 方便各予會者掌握該座的財務狀況。

15分鐘後(約9時10分), 另一業戶趙太抵達會場, HY鄭小姐簡要複述剛才的匯報。趙太看罷管理費明細表後, 即時表示支持議程二、調整管理費, 但幅度要稍作斟酌。

經過多番討論後, 議決如下:
2015年2月至7月, 管理費數目不變, 但每戶需交1.5倍之每月管理費以彌補赤字 。
2015年8月至12月, 管理費數目上調20%。
2015年10至11月間, 檢討及製訂來年預算時, 屆時再看是否仍需再次上調管理費。
上述議決方案將由HY盡快通知X座各業戶, 給予大眾一週時間消化;如無意外, 二月便會落實推行。

議論一番, 並無定案。 但各予會者皆敦促HY的工程師以居民安全為重, 首要檢測X座低層面向葵涌的外牆狀況。

因沒有其他事項, 會議於晚上十時結束。

有感而發:  多數小業主太懶/麻木, 給予足夠通知, 仍不願親身/委泒代表參予, 等如自甘放棄發言及投票權。 又有些人不參予, 卻往往於議決後, 說短論長, 令貢獻不少時間的義工, 為之氣餒。 唯有請其提出反建議, 及提供足夠支持以重新召開另一業主大會推翻前議。



  1. Our estate is also managed by HY and we have the same problems and WV is so lucky to have a site like this to voice grievences, we are not even permited to use our website to communicate with fellow residents.

    • Who needs HY’s permission to communicate with your neighbors? How disrespectful, unreasonable the owners are being treated like this? Kindly note that managing is not ruling. HY is paid by the owners to manage the properties, they are only there to provide service like employees, to owners. There is no way HY should have the illusion to rule the owners like their subjects.

      Do set up your own blog or web page soonest. While Hongkongers could still enjoy the freedom of expression, make good use of it.

  2. Thanks so much for your reply, I was not expecting it so I did not check. Sorry!! The OC agreed to HY’s suggestion that if the ownners’ communication column is opened to all owners, their concern is if obsene or foul language is posted, it will downgrade our image, and that they do not have enough manpower to monitor. If you question why Owners’ Communication column was there in our wedsite in the first place, OC said to ask HY, and HY said it’s OC’s decision not to open this column. That’s why I envy WV owners. at least you’ve got some people who do care what’s going on , with us, I think these people would not wake up until they are charged a hefty sum for renovation . Besides, it seems WV have a lot of professionals and well-educated owners, this helps!!,

  3. God help those who help themselves. Why not be the first one to start the forum in your estate? You can check out the following links for inspiration:

    • Oops! Please check out both Royal Ascot and 全港業主反貪腐反圍標大聯盟 in Blog Roll for reference.

  4. The links did not appear in your first e-mail. I will check out Royal Ascot and the other Chinese one you mentioned in your 2nd e-mail. Thanks again.



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