About Me

I am a homemaker, who retired from the Hong Kong commercial jungle since 1990.  The last  job title was Customer Service Manager of a Warehousing Company in Kwai Chung.

Our family purchased the unit in Wonderland Villas Estate in1984, and moved into it  in 1986.  We liked making our home here, for the area was like countryside in the city.  We liked the fresh air and serenity of the environment .  My children enjoyed swimming and the playground almost everyday.

1990, the magical year that brought big changes to our family.  It was the year that our third child came as a happy surprise. It was the year that our family emigrated to Seattle, USA after the shock of the infamous 1989 Tienanman Massacre.  It was the year that I have changed from a career woman to a full-time homemaker to date.   The 10 years that I spent in the US, was being a full-time Mom.   Just watching my 3 children grow, driving them to various activities, spending quality time one-on-one with each of them brought me the greatest joy of my life.

In year 2000, due to my spouse’s job change, the family had to domicile in two cities.    The elder two children domiciled in Raleigh, NC  to continue with their studies.  Both are now professionals in their own fields.  The couple and the youngest son ( 9 yrs old then) resettled  in Hong Kong .  The 3 of us lead a peaceful and quiet life in Wonderland Villas Estate since then.

Since my youngest son chose to study in the US in mid 2007, I made a lot of travels to combat the empty nest syndrome. Thus, I did not aware the happenings in the area of the place I call home at all.

The first time that I learned about the Express Rail was destined to go through the foundation of Block 21 of WV was on 7/24/2009.  That night, a joint briefing (the one and only after numerous requests from some owners and the management office) was made by representatives of  MTR, Land Dept.,  and Highway Dept. in WV Conference Room.

The negative answers and the  arrogance of the government representatives seemed like a wake-up call to me.  Home is a man’s castle.  Should we choose to do nothing, and remain silent,  our interests will be damaged by this incompetent and merciless SAR administration.  I am a fighter, not a loser.

Since 7/25/2009, I have taken up a Sisyphus’s job, by walking around in the WV estate, talking to my fellow neighbors, and preaching them to stand up for their own rights by saying NO to the Express Rail Link. I have to admit , that most of the time, the results are rather discouraging.

The upside is:  with this new ‘project’, I have learned a lot in the past 3 months.   Just to name a few:  I have my first blog, I learned to compose in both Chinese and English languages, I learned to upload videos, I learned to speak in the public ….

I met Mira Go, the chairperson of Choi Yuen Village of Sek Kong, N.T. in mid August.  She is a friendly and wise lady who is generous to share her experience in fighting with the authorities, and gives me good advices from time to time.

Thanks to Bull Tsang, Wild Man & Anna of SOS Owners who had inspired and guided me in the past few months.

“First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist; Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me." ── Pastor Martin Niemöller

起初他們追殺共產主義者,我不說話,因為我不是共產主義者 接著他們追殺社會民主主義者,我不說話,因為我不是社會民主主義者 後來他們追殺工會成員,我不說話,因為我不是工會成員 之後他們追殺猶太人,我還是不說話,因為我不是猶太人 最後他們要追殺我,但再也沒有人站起來為我說話了.

In short, be a whistle blower in face of injustice.
廣東話就是: ‘睇唔過眼要出聲’

在香港還有言論自由的時候, 不好好把握, 那對得起受到言論鉗制地方的人民.


“The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.”
- Alexander Jablokov, American writer

Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary. –Reinhold Niebuhr, American religion scholar

人發揮正義的本能, 就使民主變得可能; 人發作不正義的本能, 就使民主成為必須.

愛爾蘭政治家、哲學家艾德蒙.伯克( Edmund Burke):「邪惡盛行的唯一條件,是善良者的沉默。」

《It’s not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be》 — Paul Arden

[Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.] — John Lennon

Being honest will create a peace of mind in your heart.  I am a firm believer of that!  That is the greatest wealth in this world.



  1. Thank you for making this website. I think everyone who lives in WV will support this. Right now the majority of people is just ignoring the ridiculous high management fee that we are paying, but they will wake up someday.

    Have you tried to report this to the ICAC? I think that’s the right department to go to.

    • Thank you for your kind comment. It is only a silly woman’s blog expressing her own thoughts, and that is all.

      Some of our neighbors are organizing the Incorporation of Owners (業主立案法團), and they will present their ideas at the first residents meeting next Sunday, 11/29/2009, 2000 hours at the Fountain area near Blk 8. Please do come with your neighbors and friends to show support. Once the IO is set up, you can bet on it that appropriate action will be taken.

  2. I’m living in Blk 12. How can I contact u guys and gals?

    • Please come to the EOC Finance Sub-com meeting to be held next Tue, 6/28/2011, 2030 hours, at Northern Carpark Conference Room.

  3. i have made voice calls to managemnet office/club house, sent hong yip email days ago suggesting i wish to see the following:
    * the caretakers in each building being trained and certified in red cross first aid
    * there having some volunteer or extra temp staff at club house that can come to our aid/service, since we now only have 1 cafe and they refuse to provide deliver to door service, sometimes if we dont have home keys or are sick/inconvenient to leave home but need food, we need someone to deliver to our door.

    i haven’t received any proactive response from anyone – just blames and excuses that the commercial plaza is seperate, have no say, etc etc.

    • Good suggestions which should be noted by the WV DMC Manager. May I suggest that you contact the Chairperson of your BOC, urge he/she to present this at the upcoming EOC meeting. We have more than sufficient staff on WV payroll on book, like security guards (55). However, we seldom seen them in our hours of needs. This is the reason why we should sit in the audience of the EOC meetings whenever we are available to pressurized the EOC to do the decent things for the owners of WV.

  4. im very tired of people all holding some pass the buck attitude. actually i suddenly think: if our only cafe in WV does not deliver to doorstep, we may be forced to order takeaway from mcdonalds to deliver to doorstep!
    i might not have time to attend meeting, but if someone here does, can you please speak our mind on behalf of us!?

  5. i have also written to pccw suggesting that they put a wifi hotspot in WV clubhouse. apparently i think i know that for a business entity to establish hotspot with netvigator, the fee is very expensive (many thousand per month).
    alternatively can someone suggest our WV estate mgnt to just install an ordinary internet conenction at club house and add a wireless router so we may have access to wifi at clubhouse?

    • Your recent comments were relayed to WV DMC Mgr. Hope you will receive a satisfactory answer from him real soon.

      • FYI, Info from the EOC Recreation Sub-com Vice chairperson:
        I believe there is WIFI access in the study room and sport complex. Not sure about the club house though.
        It is unprofitable to run a cafeteria unless the rent is kept artificially low or that it is subsidized heavily by the residents through the management fee.

  6. if we needed to heavily subsidize the cafe for it to exist, then can we use a the same amount of subsidy resource or less to other areas such as adding 1-2 club house staff who may be mobilised to do tasks such as helping old age or residents with disability card to fetch the takeaways and shopping items from our own commercial complex to our doorstep in wonderland villas; as well as giving a little subsidy to the green mini bus so that their hours of operation can extend to the last round matching the operational hours of MTR. Eg, the last minibus 47m from laiking is 23:30pm, while from laichikok is 00:00am. Last MTR from Central to Laiking may be 00:45am. Therefore, there should be a 0.5-1 hour extension for earliest minibus and last minibus. This was not done previously as replied from the transport operator that it may not be profitable to balance the working hour request of driver and the passengers. However, from our resident viewpoint, we either have to pour money into management fees, or taxi to cover for expensive transport extensions anyways, so while we now have 1 cafe operating and other fastfood such as mcdonalds able to deliver food, having the past wasted resources directed to transport extended hours may give us more economical or possible access to work and lifestyle opportunities in further CBD such as Central. Say, in the past I couldnt work as aerobics instructor for some gym, because the pay for the job may be HK$100, and the class schedule is 6:30am, without public transport and only rely on tax, this becomes unfeasible; or working OT at office leaving at 23:45pm from Central, taking MTR get us to Laiking or Laichikok requiring further waiting and fetching expensive taxi. Many mean workplace/employers dont offer compensation for these while we have to slave to earn a paycheque to keep us alive to be homed living at Wonderland Villas paying the lifetime high management fees. Instead of having a dozen of us individually costing an extra $35 each to ride taxi, why dont we save the, say HK$10000 monthly extra individual expenditure to taxi and let the past subsidy for cafe to help either 47m minibus (which is connected to both Tsuen wan line and airport line MTR) or Lai chi kok 97m? i’d also like to see things such as flash light enabled doorbell/fire alarm be integrated/installed into our home units so that hearing impaired people may respond more easily to guests or emergency events to help us have more peace of mind. Many things were just not designed to relief stress for old age/disabled people. at least, aside from not having roof covered channels/tunnels to walk between commercial plaza to nearby WV residential blocks, even for my block 3 we must go through some steps leaving the building entrance, so when we have heavy luggage for overseas trips, we are forced to lift or bump our carriage. what a stupid design? even cheap low income government estate dont have this kind of problem. the cctv broadcast from downstairs on our tv channel ALWAYS should a wrong date/time (eg, lagging 1 year) dispite repeated requests from me to caretaker/mgmt office to correct it. how difficult is it for hongyip to put in place an automated reply to their email to confirm receiving my email or a manual written email to tell me there is no answer at this moment within 1 month of receiving my writing instead of no replies, or some mgnt staff confirming a list of issues/problems known before fix is applied, or do they just forever keep taking monthly money and letting time past? how impossible is it to extend the width of the footpath to our block 3 door entrance 1.5 feet so we can glide our luggage without bumping or save us one step when we were tired going home at midnight? or can there be just some extension so that the minibus station waiting area and/or the southern carpark be covered to some entrance fo commercial plaza without having to get wet from rain. i know it may sound silly, but isnt it a better experience that a shopper can arrive from minibus/private car to do some happy eating/shopping sheilded from adverse weather or potential confused car driver/traffic? we have seen real occasional driver driving into the street between commercial plaza and corner of southern car park at the opposite driving direction whether he was clueless/reckless. Either way, no real human guard would be watching at those spots. it may be expensive or unfeasible to change the structure design to keep everything roofed, but i think the southern car park idea is feasible. if water/rain drainage and passing vehicle height is a concern, how about some pedestrian bridge between 2/F of southern car park to roof of commercial plaza?

    • Guess you should have received the formal notice from HY regarding the WV homepage by now. Should you have any comments of queries, kindly visit the following link: http://www.wonderlandvillas.com.hk, voice your opinions to HY directly. Thanks again for your visits to my blog.

  7. Thanks for referencing my article on inmedia. I’ve the whole set of Ground Investment Report and site plan of the XRL which are non-online public data. Mind meeting up and watch it sometime?

    • Thanks for your generosity, I do owe you an apology for not obtaining prior approval. Your kind invitation is highly appreciated, will be in touch. I wonder if any anti-XRL demonstrations will be happening soon in the near future?

  8. Hopefully, this problem will soon be taken care of after the 4-waters pipes of your block were replaced. Check with the chairperson of your BOC, or contact the WV customer service office.

  9. Would your please sharing your valuable experience about how HY managing WV with our estate Scenic View that is also managing by HY.

    Thank you and looking forward for your reply.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. My sincerest apologies for the late response for I had been in and out of town in the past few weeks. Your website is informative and better designed than mine.

      Given that most residence in WV are either too busy to notice or indifferent to the happenings around them, I had been dealing the injustice and unfairness of HY almost single-handedly in the past few years. From my humble point of view, like most big/brand names, HY would only be scared by exposures in media.

      It is nice to share info with others through this blog. I guess I could learn much from your website in future. Thanks again for writing to me.

  10. Hi nataliechanhk

    Your words :
    “Given that most residence in WV are either too busy to notice or indifferent to the happenings around them, I had been dealing the injustice and unfairness of HY almost single-handedly in the past few years."

    I believe that situation happening in most private properties, especially in SHKP and HY, right?

    Is your manager still Mr Cheung?

    One information I really want to know from you, is HY refund some money about 3% Headquarters and Professional Staffs fee to WV?

    Any management fee increase in 2012?
    Scenic View raise 6% in 2011 and another 6% in 2012. OC have passed that increase already.
    We will have AGM on 30 Mar 2012, but there is only one issuse to do and that is to elect almost same group of existing OC members for another term. You know due to the effect of proxy.

    Tell me more what is happening in WV by HY.

    Let share experience about what is doing by HY.

    Keep in touch.

    • Hi Scenic View,

      Yes, our DMC manager is still Mr. Cheung.

      The refund of overcharges is still under negotiation with SHK by one of the 7-member Special Committee !? 3% Professional Fee was not even brought up in his discussion !?

      Management Fee increase is anticipated soon.

      Let’s stay in touch and share our experience.

      Best regards, Natalie

      • Dear Natalie,

        I sent the message to you by yahoo email three weeks ago. However, I haven’t get any reply from you. So, I sent the message again here. Thanks for your reply again.

        I don’t understand that what is your meaning of " The refund of overcharge is not including 3% professional charge, right?"

        So, what is including in the overcharge?

        Scenic View also need to pay 3% professional charge to HY, I think it is unfair payement, because it is not included in DMC.

        How much is the managment fee($/sq.ft) of WV now? Any of increase of managment fee since the effective of mininium wage?

        Scenic View increased management fee from $1.52 to $1.61 since Apr 1 2011 and further increased to $1.70 from Apr 1 2012. I strongly disagree with this.

        Another issuse is to install Octopus’s door system, we used smart card before. We rejected HY’s proposal in 2007 and 2010.
        However, HY claimed the smart card system have unrecoverable fault, so OC agreed to spend $550,000 to replace it by Octopus.
        I think this is waste of money, if the smart card system can be repaired by less money.

        How is your OC’s members? All of the OC’s members are the supportes of HY in Scenic View. They are still the members for many years, because HY give them a lot of proxys.

        Your manager was our OC’s member in 2007, but his ID was discovered, so he was disappeared from 2008.

        Thanks you for sharing more information of WV. Because WV and SV is also managing by HY. Hope we can monitor HY by sharing our information.

        Keep in touch.

  11. Dear Natalie,

    I should say thank to you first, because you share useful informartion with me.

    If you visit the forum.com.hk, like this one(Please visit)and other SHK sites


    It is too easy to find most of the real owners(some bloggers are OC’s members, HY staffs or real estate agents), not happy about the management by HY or KS.

    How about WV setting the IO to replace OC?

    Is HY allow individual owners to place their personal view’s bill or letter in the letter box of other owners in WV?

    In SV, HY will call police immediately. As a result, all the owners of SV can only get the wrong information from HY and OC. Sometimes, I need to post correct information to all owners of SV by stamp.

    In SV, although most of the real owners not happy about the HY and OC, they seldom speak up their voice.

    I tried to be OC’s member in the past few years, you must the result. The HY’s followers OC members get all seats of OC.

    It is very sad that all the real owners of SV become the slaves of HY. The latter is the real master, instead of who paid to buy their flat.

    Good Weekend Natalie.

    Keep in touch.

    • Dear Scenic View,

      We are fighting an uphill battle with HY(SHK) in almost all aspects. The key is do not give up easily. The most recent one is the Podium Elevator. For details, please read: [xɭ]ij https://wonderlandvillashk.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/2510/

      We had tried to set up IO in Year 2010, failed. Details: ߪkΤ https://wonderlandvillashk.wordpress.com/%E6%88%90%E7%AB%8B%E6%B3%95%E5%9C%98%E4%B9%8B%E8%B7%AF-2/ We might try once more, as more and more angry outcries are accumulating.

      HY forbid individual owners to place their personal view’s bill or letter in the letter box of other owners in WV. However, we did it by hand delivery within the block we dwell in, or by mailing through Post Office.

      In WV, they also call police to detain the owners who acted as the whistle blowers. Thus, most owners were blind and deft of what has been going on around them.

      May we suggest that you started to liaise with those who want changes and dare to stand up against the Evils, and try to get in to be OC members in the next election. It might be discouraging most times being voted down by those pro-HYers, however, the opposition opinions would be recorded in the minute through your insistence. These might be help in future.

      Same here in WV, HY and some OC members who had manipulated most directions in the past 2 decades, sometimes were hallucinated they themselves were the ruling class of WV.

      Pick yourself up, collect evidence of their wrongdoings whenever you saw fit. When time comes, expose them to the media.

      Make it a great week!

      Keep in touch.

  12. Would U please leave me your email address .

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    so much about this, such as you wrote the book in
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  14. I am resident in wonderland villas. I wonder who ceased control and right to the land outside our commercial complex being govt resources and made decisions to enact ordinary old fashioned park facility there? As from that spot 1 minute walk we have all the ordinary usual under utilized park facilities that let people play or do taichi etc. PLEASE VOICE YOUR SUPPORT TO change the plan and enact things such as BBQ stove (considering fire hazard because many trees nearby) and/or metal bar that let people do bigger chin up fitness movements, or even a rock climb training corner etc. We absolutely don’t need children area or landscape as these are all DUPLICATE at our place. we were originally enjoying the possibility of farming gardening there but cant understand who make such stupid decisions to enact such artificial yet duplicate worthless facilities.

    寄件人︰ 1823 Call Centre
    傳送日期︰ 2013年08月15日

    Regarding your above case, Leisure and Cultural Services Department has provided the reply as follows –

    Leisure and Cultural Services Department is undertaking a project to develop the subject site into an open space to provide leisure facilities for the local residents. The project is funded by Kwai Tsing District Council (K&TDO) and as endorsed by K&TDO, Tai Chi Area, elderly fitness area, children’s play area, sitting-out area and landscaped area will be built. The construction works have been commenced in October 2012 and is expected to complete in late 2013.

    • This issue was discussed in the EOC some two years ago. Survey to all owners were sent out right after. That park built recently was based on the response of the return survey. Should you wish to have more details, kindly contact the EOC or the chairman of your BOC and requested for the related documents.

  15. This is my 1st visit to this blog after reading the recent news on WonderLand Villa.
    Support you to make “estate management" issues more visible and manageable for the benefits of owners and residents in HK.

    • Thanks for your interest and support. Do share your valuable experience with your management company with us. Stay in touch.

  16. 2013年初我開始花時間去了解駿景園的屋苑管理事務, 有以下親身的見聞供大家分享:

    • 感謝分享, 在HK做小業主真不容易. 受盡地產霸權的剝削. 唯有多看多學以自保!

  17. Hello Natalie,
    Would you mind I quote you on my website http://www.eowner.info/?
    Peter Cheng

    • Hello Peter, thanks for your interest and courtesy. You are welcome to share the articles in my blog “wonderlandvillashk" in your website. Stay in touch.



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